How to Get Acrylic Nails Off

May 29, 2011 lu Tattoo

Set acrylic nails is in fashion these days. Beauty of a woman is incomplete if his hands and his feet seem to be neglected. And what better way to beautify the hands that long, beautiful, colored nails. Since modern life, which made all women a superwoman who manages both work and home, does not give enough time for the woman to maintain and develop the natural nails, women have found a practical way and more beautiful option in the form of acrylic nails. Application and the withdrawal of these false nails acrylic in the majority of women in the salons. However, to do the same thing at home is also very easy. If you want to know how to get sitting at home easily, acrylic nails, then here are some effective ways to do the same. For your convenience, I have divided them into two sections, namely, how to remove the nails acrylic without acetone, followed by how to do the same with acetone. More information on how to do to remove acrylic nails.

How to get Acrylic Nails Off without acetone

Step 1
Acrylic nail removal can make the area where you conduct all quite dirty disposal process, then I suggest you cover it with old newspapers. Put the music too, because it will make you more relaxed.

Step 2
Once you are comfortable, cut your nails acrylic of very small size, using a nail clippers. nails short acrylic are much easier to remove.

Step 3
Take a bowl and put the amount adequate alcohol in it. Soak your nails in the bowl for about half an hour. It is the capture in the removal of the false nails without acetone – nails must be soaked in alcohol to acetone during almost double the time.The soaking of the nails in one of these substances, helps dissolve the gel that is used to paste fake nails acrylic for your natural nails.

Step 4
Once you feel that the acrylic nail became loose, starting with a nail at a time, remove the nail of the false natural.

Step 5
Repeat the same procedure and peel the false nails of the fingers. If you face a kind of difficulty to break acrylic nails, it means that frost behind it has completely dissolved. Thus, you will have to dive the nail again in alcohol a little longer before taking off again.

Step 6
Once you have deleted all acrylic nails, wash your hands with SOAP and DAB a moisturizer on your hands and fingers to avoid any sort of drought.

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If you ask me how to get off fast acrylic nails, I would say the use of acetone directly or you can also make use of solvent for nail polish that contains acetone. The procedure is almost the same as that mentioned above. The only difference being that the nails must be soaked in acetone for only 15 minutes and the gel is automatically dissolved. If you use a nail polish remover containing acetone, soak your nails a little longer for 20 minutes.

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I hope that now you know how to get home off acrylic nails.Sometimes, it may happen that you are not all supplies as the solvent for nail polish remover or acetone or alcohol – you with you, then in such case, any advice on how to remove acrylic nails, is simply to boil the water and allow to soak nails in him for 45 minutes. This process of elimination of false nails, requires lots of patience on your part, but can be very handy in an emergency.

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