How to Thin Out Nail Polish

May 29, 2011 lu Tattoo

So, you are someone who likes experimenting with different types of nail art designs? To do this, you have a collection of Nail Polish in almost all colours. Usually, the nail of most good marks are designed in such a way that they can last two years. What made you invest in some of the best brands. But one day, you are ready to go to the meeting of friends, when you open the bottle of Nail Polish, you find that the varnish has become thick, hard, dry and lumpy! At the moment, you wonder, “its only there a few months ago I bought it!”. “.” Therefore, if you are in this situation, and that you are considering “how polishing thin nails to make more last long?”, below some useful tips on the same, to help you.

How to Polish Out thin nail tips

The great error that are women, which makes nail thick, dry, is to store them in their refrigerator. nail must be stored in a cool, dry place, but in a refrigerator never. By keeping them in the refrigerator, you really are changing chemicals in them, which makes the varnish, hard, thick, very uneven enforcement.

If the nail became plugs, the first thing you need to do is to shake really well. Turn the bottle head down a few times, then shaking for a couple of minutes. nail most tend to settle to the bottom. Shaking will help to evenly distribute the varnish. After that, you can use one of the below proposed methods to lighten the varnish.

Nail lacquer thinner
If you go to any store of beauty, you will find nail varnishes diluents. These are specially formulated ingredients such as toluene and ethyl acetate, restore varnishes and make them sustainable.You can learn more about the long nail length. Add five to six drops your varnish thinner nail and the round is played! your nail can be also easily applied on the nails as when he was nine.

Paint thinner
The nail is similar to a calm mural painting in many respects. Therefore, if you are in an emergency situation (you must attend a party in a few minutes, bearing very varnish nail has clots!) And you have a diluent to paint with you at home, you can add it to the nail, until that take good consistency. Addition of a diluent to paint helps put the nail as rich and smooth as before.

For those who are wondering, “How can you clarify the nail?”, another effective way is to mix the acetone with oil of orange, and add this mixture to the Polish. After the addition of this mix, shake the bottle of varnish for a few minutes, then keep it still for about fifteen minutes. This time is necessary so that the mixture of work on the varnish for the fluidity. To check if the consistency of the wax right, apply it on a nail. In case you feel that this should be clarified, you can add a few drops of the mixture of acetone and orange oil and repeat the process until that obtain you the desired consistency.

Acetone nail polish remover
For thinning nail varnish, after having hit the bottle, add a few drops of nail for the acetone remover. Follow this place by shaking the bottle for some more time. However, this is only a quick fix patch that the addition of the varnish remover, again and again, can really ruin your varnish.

Hoping that your research, “how polishing thin nails?” answered satisfactorily.To beautify your nails, in addition to the application of nail, you must pay attention to the nail too. Therefore, go to regular manicures and apply creams nail, to keep your nails healthy and bright!

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