Easy Nail Designs To Do at Home

June 7, 2011 lu Tattoo

Have you ever wanted to display your fingernails? Do you like the envious looks and hungry eyes to your own nail art? Yes? Good then it is the right place you successfully navigate. Prior to the exploration of the nail designs easy and fun to comply with the House, let’s focus on the subject of nail. In the next sections, we will understand how to design nail home

Nail Designs would be better if only…
You have nails that have cared and well refined air.
Manicure and pedicure sessions are your best friends.
Your cuticles are well hydrated.
You have never resorted to gnaw your nails and even if you have you have renounced the nail fixation in time.
You are ready to get rid of your nail as soon as it starts to chip.
Say you goodbye to your habit of using acetone or normally every two days of weakness.
Choose Designs nail art at home

nail art objects must be chosen according to your choice. You can choose the one that best adapts to your preferences and your style. Several brands offer models nail and the elements to ensure that they agree and conform to the requirements of the mode of the masses. There are some essential points which are accompanied to scenography nail, such as brushes and equipment marbling. If you are not really willing to adapt to the nail designs are available on the market, you are free to use your own creativity and concoct your own recipe for beautiful nails.

Before you begin the procedure of Nail Art…
Have a stock of cotton balls in ample
solvent of finger and acetone nail in bulk.
You must select a well-ventilated.
The space that you choose, sit you and experience should be ready to withstand spills.

To be on the safer side you always put a plastic sheet and a document on your desktop. It is only after this procedure you need to start working.
Selects a dark mantle to the hues and apply two layers to ensure complete coverage of the nails.
That nails colour dry completely. Make sure that the nails last not any abrasion. Let them dry in peace with enough time to lose.
Easy ideas Nail Art Design

Conceptions of the nature
If you’re intrigued by the nature and who want to have a piece d ‘ she painted on your nails as well. You can choose the design of a nail art which is dedicated to nature. To give an extremely realistic sense. You can use the colors of nail as green, yellow and blue as primary colors. For a good start, you can use a white nail varnish and paint the nails completely. After some time in the white shadow dry, you can pass with nail yellow just to paint the Council or the superior ridge of the nail. After drying of the color, you can take a fine brush and add two leaves at the bottom of the nail with a shade of dark green. This will create an impression of the Sun as the light contributor and plant life. Another design that you can do est to make a simple flower with a nuance of red as the background. Make a flower in the yellow petals and green leaves. This design would be amazing!

Geometric designs
You can bring back memories of the school and repeat your article once more geometry. If you are interested in do not paste on nature it and flowers of decision is not your fort, it is better to switch to the design of some models merging geometric drawings. You can use a coloured nail to paint your nails completely.Let it dry. With a black nail polish of your choice, you are free to do drawings Frisbee or small circles, triangles and squares. You can smear the brightness on the nail to shed light on the design of nail art.

Models with Gems
You can also choose to apply small and small stickers on the nail. All what is here is tweezers, balls of cotton and stickers and precious stones. Keep the sticker or the gem / Pearl with the claw, dive on the Pearl that you have to consider, in the glue bottle and place it carefully the stone or the sticker on the desired location. Be very careful when you do this. You can mess around nail design if you are not accurate and if your hand is not rock steady. Try of faire it several times on a piece of paper, until you Excel in the art. It is only then that you would be able to make a drawing of nail art that cherish you.

After the completion of Design Art Nial
That nails dry completely. Do not be hurry and wasting the effort you put in
Make sure that you apply a shadow to transparent nail as topcoat provide the nail with a protective cover, thus preventing the nails of splinters.
Thus, with these easy art nail designs to do at home, you are sure to have the enviable nails. Nail art is not an impossible task, if you have the right attitude to prevail as well. A pinch of sprinkled plume will not harm, what do you think?

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