Fingernail Growth

June 4, 2011 lu Tattoo

Your nails are the mirror of your health. Health, long nails are often an indication of an individual well-being, on the other hand, brittle, fragile nails spotted reflect the poor health of a person. Long, nails in good health are the whim of each woman, but most of us are unhappy with our nail growth rate. Well, it is true that fingernail growth rate is different for each person, it is also true that you can accelerate the growth of your nail with the help of certain vitamins and some changes in your lifestyle.

Nail growth
Most of the nail problems can be attributed to poor nutrition. Fragile, often peeling nails, nail boutonneuses are an indication of inadequate nutrition. Similarly, neglect nail care and improper use of nails also causes problems of nail growth. common problems include nail nail fungal infections, bacterial infections, white spots, ridges, brittle fingernails, etc dirt cleaning habits and the shortcomings of some vitamins and minerals are the main causes of the problems of nail growth.

Vitamins for nail growth
Vitamin A promotes growth nails in good health by supporting the mucous membranes of the body and membranes. Vitamin A also helps oxygenate the skin and helps prevent the infection of any kind. Vitamin B2 is the overall health of nails, which led to their growth. The vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is responsible for the production of a substance called collagen, which cements the whole cells. It strengthens the nail bed and improves the overall health of your nails. In addition to these vitamins, it ya of minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, etc which are needed to grow nails in good health.

How to make more quickly push your fingernails?
nail to slow growth can add to the frustration, especially when it aspires to sexy, long nails. Although acrylic nails are an option if you want to display of long nails, but they are not necessarily for everyone. In addition, chemicals that are used in acrylic nails can do more harm than good to your nails. However, few changes to your lifestyle and a little more care of your nails can help you achieve the nails of your dreams. Here are some tips on how to push your nails faster.
Moisturize your nails on a daily basis. Most of the women apply a moisturizing cream for hands and body, but forget to do when it comes to nail care. Well, you can opt for a moisturizer nail, a normal functions as well.
Incorporate green tea in your diet and soak your nails once per week in green tea. Adding a drop of essential oil of green tea, also contributes to the nail growth.
Do not use your fingernails to raise things open, or to bite them. Remember the nails are very fragile, should not be used as tools.
According to the shape you want to give to your nails, file your nails in one direction. Displacement of an applicant to nail just will result in the nail pullout.
Wear protective gloves when performing activities such as gardening, dishes etc
Take vitamin A supplements, if you want to grow nails in a very short time.
Finally, drink plenty of water and lead a healthy life.
quick and healthy nail growth is observed in healthy individuals. Always remember, the nails are an important part of the body and must be given as much attention you give to the rest of your body.Nails are fragile and vulnerable to infection, therefore, protect your fingernails in now good hygiene.

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