Short Nail Designs

June 1, 2011 lu Tattoo

Girls who like to keep their nails short would find this delight article because it presents some of the most versatile forms of drawings nail. brittle nail is a common problem among girls in which the tip of the nail tend to break, and therefore, more in longer nails becomes an unmanageable task. However, with the evolution of the art of nail, in a different way has been established, where short nails could be in love as beautiful as the long nails. The designs vary, but the charm remains the same and you can view your nails short very gently. Drawings nail could be created at home with innovative designs and artistic touches. nails short present with beautiful designs in the following segment.

The models used for the nails short

The drawings for the nails short must be clear that the decoration too spoil their natural beauty. Since the end of nails are short, you cannot apply complex fingernails on her art. Drawings simple look quite cute on the nails short and could easily be at home with paintings or nail decorative pieces, which are easily available in all cosmetics stores. Catch up with some unique themes nail designs.

Celestial work
Celestial art on nails short appears Ethereal. Nail beauty is much more improved when they are dotted with shine the Moon and sparkling stars. How can you make such an impact? You will need an aqua blue or dark blue paint nail color for the base layer. Apply the varnish of the paint on the blade and to allow to dry completely. While waiting to collect stickers for nails with moons and stars in this regard. Get stickers and paste them on the nails leaving enough space between the two.With this you get the heavenly theme on your nails.

Polka Dots
If you are looking for some quick to do, cute and easy nail short drawings and then try to model peas. This attractive design is created by transferring points different tones on the base color. The points open much more vivid when the base color is a dark hue. This nail art could be taken if you are looking for a quick makeover for your nails at the last moment. Match points with the colour of your outfit and see the charism of your nails. Apply the base color, dry, then wipe with multiple shades of nail. Make sure that the points have no awkward air. You can gather points diagonally on your fingernails or delete it at random.

Creating Tones
Creation of ringtones is also a design simple nail and charge for the nails short. Creation of tones from the application of various hues on nail one by one. This nail art breaks out the best when vertical stripes are painted on it. It also makes the nails are visibly more. Pick up contrasting hues for a rousing call or to create a combination of light and dark shades. You have great opportunities to experiment with different types of colors among which is the more refined art two-tone. The application of tones is a little delicate colors tend to merge with one another. Therefore, always keep a stripper at painting nails with you to correct the errors and then submit a new application for a perfect finish.

Block designs
Engraving blocks on the nails short is extremely cunning work. It is because to highlight the art best block on a small space is no doubt a task difficult.Nevertheless, models of blocks are worn by women who enjoy decorating nails in a unique and contemporary manner. These reasons are the best experts created by the art of nail, because they employ specific tools and creative techniques to reveal the exotic designs to perfection. Nail stamps are glued to the base layer and the blocks are created by the mechanism of disposal colors with subtlety. Use warm and funky colors for this model.

Sequins and stones
The best of all short nail models is created with sequins of watering and stones. Elegant, beautiful, elegant and contemporary are the words that best define this nail art. Keep a stock of miniature strass and of different colours of flakes for the operation of this art wonderful nail. The technique is relatively simple because you do not need to wait for the base color to dry. Sprinkle flakes and stones in a specific way on freshly applied nail painting. They will stick to your nail and the base color by adding elegance to your nails short.

Here are some best designs selected for the nails short. However, you can still find models to cool and funky nails that would complement your personality and stand. Girls, you do not want long nail now, because your nails short will look as cute and chic when rally beautifully.

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