Toenail Falling Off – What to Do

January 1, 2012 lu Nail

toenail fall down is a common problem. medically, it is known as onychoptosis. toenail begin to decline mainly due to two reasons. one is the fungal infection of the feet and the other is a kind of injury of toenails. in both cases, before falling into roman snail get discolored. from the change in color, you can identify the exact underlying cause behind t?negl falling. what to do, to help prevent toenail falls out, will be taken up later. by then, let us gather some more information about the effects of fungus infection and damage to your toenail.

toenail falling off because of sponge

the fungal infection toenail affects is known as onykomykose. it is a highly contagious form of infection and is caused by bacteria. it can infect a single toenail or more. the infection occurs at the tip of the roman snail first and later spreading under the surface of the roman snail. initially, the infected toenail creates a lot of pain and toe can be raised as well. then its discolouration starts which could make toenail yellow or brown or white. gradually toenail becomes thick and in some cases, out foul smell gives. when the infection is serious, the toenail is crumbling or fraspalter and eventually drop out.

there are many ways in which the toenail can be injured. athletes often have damage to their toenails because of the constant pressure on their toes, while it is running. shoes that are smaller in size, can cause damage to the toenail. great toenails can frame estimation repeatedly and crush toe roman snail. when damage is damage the underlying nail root and cause the toenail to fall, it is known as subungual h?matom. because of the damage, toenail isolation from nail root, and it will be painful. later the color of toenail changes in black or black in colour and in the end, it falls out.

treatment of toenail falling off

the main objective of treatment is to eradicate the fungus infection completely. although there is a small left-infection may spread to other toenails.when your toenail is harmful too much, you should consult a doctor or ortop?d. first off all, the doctor will administer some medications that can provide relief from the pain and reduce inflammation. so the underlying cause is treated. if the cause is the mold, then a anti fungal cream to be used together with some oral medicines. in the event, the fungal infection is serious and not responding to treatment, surgical intervention may be required when the affected toe nail removed surgically. when it is caused by a certain damage, it is likely that some fluid has accumulated during the roman snail. so when the pain disappears, your physician drain fluid and enforcement and pain will be eased.

treatment toenail falling off at home

there are some home remedies that can function as an effective cure for toenails falling. here is the list of home remedies for toe decals christmas nail fall down:

tea tree oil is an excellent antidote to the sponge on t?neglene. you have to rub good tea tree oil in its undiluted form, on the affected nail daily twice, in at least two weeks. to learn more read on toenail fungus-tea tree oil.
the use of cider vinegar are useful to get rid of mold on toenails. with silicon feet in that heat, cider vinegar and hold it for about 15 minutes, then wipe it off. do this every day and you will find the infection goes down within a few days. to learn more read about vinegar cure for toenail fungus.
benzalkonium chloride is an excellent antiseptic, hardener toes fall down, caused due to fungus. use it once or twice daily in order to achieve the best results.
now toenail fall down, what to do, is known to you. sometimes, even after the treatment, if the toenail will fall so you should not worry. a new toenail will grow and replace the old within a few months. until the new toenail grows, you have to take care of the affected area. use something volley to disinfect the area and cover it up with a bandage to prevent further infection.

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