Celebrity Temporary Tattoos – Amy Winehouse

December 28, 2012 lu Tattoo

Waterproof tattoo sticker color glitter flower / stars

The troubled English Jazz Singer is no stranger to trouble and problems but also is no stranger to the tattoo gun. Amy has a huge love for tattoos high quality temp and tattoo shows her as often as he can.Here is a list of various tattoos of Amy.1. Has an ankh with American Eagle looking through it in the back of his shoulder blades in between.2. an anchor on the right side of the belly button that says Hello Sailor.3. The name Blake and a small pocket over the heart.4. A pin up girl on the right arm of wearing a red top and black shorts with the name Cynthia.5. Two red hearts on the right hand just above the pin up.6. A second pin up on her right hand under the Cynthia pin up with a big fan covering her body.7. on the inside of her right hand a bird surrounded by flowers and branches with musical notes that say never clip my wings.8. A lighting bolt on the inside of his right wrist.9. A fender inside of the left hand.10. A bare chested pin up girl in her left hand.11. A horse shoe girl’s dad put on the top of the left hand.Amy has no problem to admit that she has become addicted to tattoos and they loves pin up girls. Explained why it has so many tattoos.”I like looking at beautiful pictures. Bored looking in the mirror and see the same thing. So I just keep getting more. “Even though Amy had problems with her health and drugs also understands that tattoo of a bare-chested pin up may be offensive to some people. So she will put a time on her black BRA, if shown on TV and asked him to.Tattoo your boyfriendAshley

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