How Temporary Tattoos Are Done in Prison – An Inside Story!

January 19, 2013 lu Tattoo

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I’ll tell you the technique, such as tattoo wholesale jewelry temporary are made in prisons.Prison tattoos are illegal in the United States and in Canada, and I don’t endorse or promote a tattoo in prison. It will be the prisoners sanctioned or separated.I would like to tell you just how it’s done.Travel to a prison tattoo can be a cool item, if you are within the walls, I’m not getting meanings in all tattoo, because there is a lot of them.Tattoo machine not in prisons available, so inmates use their imagination. I can say something you criminals have a lot of it.The old school tattoo technique was a manual step. Prisoners would a ballpoint pen and remove the Interior and replace it with a paper clip. It is very time consuming, and it depends on how long the sentence is or how much of a tattoo, you want to make production.This technique is very long, because you go point by point to make your tattoo, so patience is the key here.The automated tattoo technique with a custom tattoo is machine, take the same spring, but a cassette motor to add it.Cassettes, even if out of date in today’s world, they are still around in prisons. If you get your hand on a cassette motor in prison you a valuable possession.So can people bring you your band the motor with the pen and get yourself a cool 4 battery pack.As for the needle for this machine, guitar strings are the way to go, because they are individual and flexible.The thing that people do, is it, length certain the string into a cut, so long will be enough, that his attach one end of the engine capable of. Leave the other end long enough, so is the point and turn off the pen body (such as a sewing machine).The guitar string is long enough, 3 needles make a length, so that each user have his own, and there will be no needle trade. That’s a good thing, because of today’s tattoo diseases such as HIV or hepatitis. Nobody wants to be a needle in the prison.For the ink, some people use all sorts of methods, but that is one I know, take a lighter and burn the bottom of a soda can and collect the ashes of her. It is very effective.Then it is mixed with Vaseline, and you are ready to go.The tattoo is important technology and the tattoo artist, also a beautiful tattoo design is a further topics.Hope you found these statements are informative!

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